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Spring break – you deserve one!


You're probably also one of those who search for excuses somewhere »out there« unless doing or having what you actually want. Not enough time, not enough money, too cold weather, … Maybe that's one of the fundamental human characteristics. Of course, proving just the opposite has its charm as well – I can do everything, achieve everything and I am everything I want to be. This is where the energy of progressing is hidden; the challenge which appears in every life period and brings a lot of fresh inner strength, good will and motivation to those who realize it.

Congress meeting Conventa (19.–20. 1. 2011)


Besides being known for its spa tourism, relaxing, sports and recreational offers, Terme Krka also offers possibilities for organizing seminars, congress, meetings, trainings, events, press conferences and business meetings.

Traditional Slovenian evening in Milan – with the island masters' cuisine


Last night, February 9th 2011, Principe di Savoia hotel in Milan hosted a traditional »Slovenian evening« which was organized by the Slovenian tourist organization for the 19th time. The event was directed at the Italian journalists who in their line of work pay much attention to presenting Slovenia and its tourist offers.

The Krka hotels at Otočec receive a reward for the most renowned location for hosting a business event Odmev 2010


Rewards for an excellent event organization of Odmev 2010 have been presented at the Event management 2010 conference, which was organized by the Planet GV and the portal and which in these days takes place at Otočec.

The title »The best wellness 2010« also for Vitarium Spa&Clinique


The action titled »The best wellness centre 2010«, which took place for the third time this year, was completed on Saturday, when the results were announced and the acknowledgements to the best relaxing centres in Slovenia were presented.

Vitarium Spa&Clinique wins the title »The Best Wellness Centre 2010«


The search for »the best wellness centre 2010« that has taken place for the third year now, has finished on Saturday when they announced the results and gave the awards to the best wellness centres. Vitarium Spa&Clinique was also ranged among the best three wellness centres according to the opinion of the visitors, radio listeners and professional commission. Balnea Wellness Centre in Dolenjske Toplice Spa took third place in its own category.

Talaso Strunjan – renovation of Terme Krka's litoral centre has finished


In 2010 Strunjan's coastal area continues to be worked upon, as it had been in 2009, when several parts were made green again, new shrubs were planted, the lighting and wooden landings for rest and sunbathing were rearranged.

Top Italian Chefs and reporters during their travelling around Slovenia also visited the Castle Hotel Otočec


Otočec, May 12th 2010 – Slovenia was this year's travelling destination for renowned Italian Chefs and reporters that explore gastronomical specialties of various countries - the so called Grand Tour of Taste – every year. During their three-day visit of discovering previously mentioned culinary specialties and tradition of our country, they also visited the Castle Hotel Otočec Restaurant.

Aesthetic surgery at Terme Krka’s Dolenjske Toplice Spa


Novo mesto, 14th December 2009 – One year anniversary of the opening of the Balnea Hotel brought upon a novelty in our offer. An outpatient clinic for aesthetic surgery will start operating at the renowned Slovene health and wellness resort in mid-December. The clinic will offer minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation, which enable you a fresh and youthful look in a quick and efficient way.

The Otočec Castle becomes a member of an elite international hotel association Relais & Châteaux


The only castle in Slovenia located on an island in the middle of the river is managed by Terme Krka. It starts 2010 as the newest member of an acknowledged association of mansions and hotels Relais & Châteaux. The association brings together 475 exquisite hotels and restaurants in 57 countries all over the world. The members are joined together by their dedication to their basic idea, comprised in 5 Cs: Courtoisie (courtesy), Charme (charm), Charactere (character), Calme (calmness) and Cuisine (cuisine).

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